Digital Retail Marketing


Digital Retail Marketing is your guide to online content-based marketing specifically written for retailers: why it matters, how to approach it, and start-to-finish steps you can take to implement your content marketing at a very low cost.

After reading Digital Retail Marketing, you will know


  • What steps to take to make your retail marketing work online
  • The content marketing process, story branding, useful tools, and how all parts come together to work as a productive marketing machine
  • The psychology behind acquiring users online and how social media algorithms work
  • How successful content marketing grows your retail brand while keeping costs low
  • How to build an actionable content marketing plan quickly
  • You will be entirely ready to start and run your retail content marketing process, continuously and consistently.

Digital Retail Marketing is a must-read for every revenue-driven retail executive, manager, and marketeer who is serious about growing their business.


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Dario Sipos



When you have online influence, you have the ability to transform minds, behaviors, and outcomes.

Dario will help you be an influential presence on the internet, which you are meant to be, so that people respect your opinions, trust your judgment, and listen for your voice above all others.

Dario Sipos is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Branding Expert, Keynote Public Speaker, Author of the highly acclaimed book Digital Retail Marketing, and Business Columnist.

Dario has built his unique skill set during 10+ years of working experience in every aspect of Digital Marketing. He has spent significant time working all over the World in the digital field, helping clients and developing brands.

He helps leaders influence positive outcomes in all directions, even under the most difficult, changing conditions.

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Newspaper Quotes

 Digital Future Times

” Digital Retail Marketing is the first book any working or aspiring marketeer, retailer, or CEO must read-period.”

The Ritz Herald

“The first and last digital marketing book for retail anyone needs to read; it shows you what really matters online and how to achieve it with low-cost methods.”

Retail News Magazine

“Might be the best retail marketing book for creating online results in a simple affordable way in the last decade…This book delivers completely refreshing ideas on how to create online marketing for retailers, shedding light on what usually is considered complex.”

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